Philly Cheese Steak Casserole


Add Veggies: When the beef is mostly browned but still has some pink spots, stir in the minced garlic, diced peppers, onion, and seasoned salt. Continue to cook until the beef is fully browned and the vegetables have softened.

Transfer to Baking Dish: Drain any excess grease from the skillet, then transfer the beef and veggie mixture to the prepared baking dish.

Add Cheese: Tear the Provolone cheese slices into smaller pieces and distribute them evenly over the beef mixture.

Egg Mixture: In a mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, heavy cream, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce until well-combined.

Combine and Bake: Pour the egg mixture over the beef in the baking dish. Place the dish in the preheated oven and bake for approximately 35 minutes, or until the eggs have set.

Serve and Enjoy: Once baked, allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving. This casserole pairs wonderfully with a side salad or some steamed veggies.

Enjoy !

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