° 500gm minced pork and beef

° one onion

° Nice big slice of pork on the bone

° Mustard the old-fashioned way

° Salt and Pepper

° 1 egg


1) Peel and chop the onion

. Mix the minced meat, eggs and chopped onions until the ingredients are evenly distributed and season to taste

. Coarsely spread the pork chop with mustard

. In a cake tin, put a layer of minced meat (half the preparation amount) up to 2/5 of the mold

. Roll the pork slice on itself and place it on the ground beef in the pan

. Lay the rest of the ground beef over the meat, making sure there is a free edge on top to leave room for cooking.

. Bake in oven at 200 degrees (th6-7) for about 40 minutes, to make sure meatloaf is well cooked, good trick, prick in center with tip of knife, if comes out without resistance and without meat, it’s ready to taste.

You can also garnish meatloaf with vegetables like mushrooms for example, but avoid vegetables like peppers and tomatoes which can not only distort the taste of the ingredients present but may also be very indigestible and very acidic with the mustard mixture.


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